shittney @shittney
03 December, 06:07
Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
24 November, 02:25 (E)
The photo shows Captain Submissive .
Who likes to be a slave .
Last week he had a session with a " gassy " mistress who made him lie down , then she farted in his face .
He had to pick what she had for dinner the previous night , but he got that wrong ( it was roast beef ) #submissive , #humor ,
pornfistadotcom @pornfistadotcom
30 October, 01:59
pornfistadotcom @pornfistadotcom
30 October, 01:12
Horny Pervert @Justsomeguy8
27 October, 10:11
I want this kind of relationship!

#bondage #bdsm #collar #leash #master #dom #submissive #sub
Delisha Keane @DelishaErotica
19 October, 03:44 (E)
My Sex Life from My Teenage Years to Today as a Young Blonde in Her Mid-20s:

Sex-positive nudist. Submissive cock-pleasuring fuck doll. Cock-tease. Lover of old cocks and dangling balls. Spermivore & spermaholic. Sex confessions.
#erotic #nude #sexygirl #sexy
Delisha Keane @DelishaErotica
14 October, 04:34
For your convenience: Index of my sex confessions as a submissive fuck doll

#SexConfession #sex #teenslut #bdsm
Delisha Keane @DelishaErotica
03 October, 11:44
A Brunette Had Her Husband Slap My Submissive, Blonde, Naked Bums All Weekend

My reward for giving her explosive orgasms with my mouth was getting my ass turned red under her husband’s hands. Brunette logic!
Delisha Keane @DelishaErotica
27 September, 05:26
How I Got Trained as a Submissive Fuck Toy For My Friend, Her Husband & His Buddies.

From #nude in front of my daddy’s friends to being a cock-pleasuring device in gang bangs with dozens of men, I’ve discovered how much I crave #sex , #nudity , and attention.
shittney @shittney
12 July, 05:51
shittney @shittney
12 July, 05:48
shittney @shittney
12 July, 05:37

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