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02 November, 11:19
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01 November, 01:19
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13 October, 11:50
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12 October, 12:26
Delisha Keane @DelishaErotica
06 October, 09:09
For The First Time: 2 Cocks in Each of My 3 Holes, Using My Safe Word, A Nude Massage & Crying

I discovered how much pain my young female body could endure and how much of a sex object I had become. The dumb blonde to be fucked

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Delisha Keane @DelishaErotica
21 September, 12:55
NEW #SexConfession : "My friend used my 3 holes to train 2 strangers in sex acts they had seen in porn but never done before!"

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Delisha Keane @DelishaErotica
18 September, 02:52 (E)
New sex confession: "I was nude & locked in a hotel room for a weekend as part-furniture, part-sex toy & part-live porn movie!"
#erotic #erotica #medium
Colin Milne @cbmilne33
10 July, 07:54
Why is Xpurity not a sharing widget on every porno/erotica etc site that exists and could be used to network the movement?

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