Dav Pal @Lukinfuragoodtyme
22 April, 11:10
Ladies... quick question.... so is it a deal-breaker if I said I served 60 months in federal prison for bringing cocaine across the border for the cartel... Or would it be something you could look past? Please, I'm genuinely curious...
Foggy Spellman @spellboundbyfog
09 March, 08:24
Ava Roux @wweavaroux
19 February, 05:07
Smartest way to get out of the hold!
Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
24 November, 02:25 (E)
The photo shows Captain Submissive .
Who likes to be a slave .
Last week he had a session with a " gassy " mistress who made him lie down , then she farted in his face .
He had to pick what she had for dinner the previous night , but he got that wrong ( it was roast beef ) #submissive , #humor ,
SophiaSinclair JasperSpice @SinSpice
15 November, 01:18
The birthday celebration has started!🥳 Cum play before I'm to tipsy lol www.linktr.ee/SinSpice2020
Oscar Dandy @dandyoscar
12 November, 03:27
I took a break, both from the site, and a little from #fucking too. For example, in October I just made myself a #whore . And in November I started fucking again yesterday. The October whore is Bianca. You see it below:

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