Reshma sharma @reshma69
06 December, 07:45
Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
03 December, 05:01
Philip has a female school teacher Mrs K .
One day as Philip is sitting on the floor during a lesson , Mrs K opens her legs to expose her panties.
Mrs K notices Philip staring and orders him into her staff
" Pull down your pants ( bare ass ) ."
She proceeds to spank him with a ruler.
Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
02 December, 03:39
Comedy Mistress is performing a live gig .
She pauses briefly ,
" I'd just like to mention my wonderful sponsor "
She then removes her #panties and holds them up high.
" Yes my #dirtypanties are for sale
only $69 "
Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
01 December, 08:14
We noticed " Tanya's Dirty Panties " for sale on the internet .
She claims to have squirted , peed , and cum in them , giving them far " more Tangy- ness " than her competition .
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Glory Cloholes @GLORYxCLOHOLES
25 November, 10:39
Fuck Through Panties
Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
25 November, 07:33
Why are men mesmerised by women's panties ?
Do they want to wear them or put them on their heads?
Do they want to worship them while being spanked by a mistress in panties?
For such a small amount of material they certainly create a significant impact on the male brain.
Intriguing questions inde
Glory Cloholes @GLORYxCLOHOLES
21 November, 12:17
Big Ass & Wet Panties
Akara Ravenlock @thatbratAkara
19 November, 07:35
I have been so horny all day! I've soaked through 3 pairs of panties today. Cum sub to me right now and get the next 5 minutes of sexting free! Can you make me cum before your spurting all over your keyboard. 💦😈

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