Pants Down @Pantsdownedging
23 September, 04:19
Hanging out naked on Chaturbate. Been edging a couple of hours and let my dick go soft. I love my cute little dick.
Pants Down @Pantsdownedging
23 September, 03:12 (E)
Cum play with me live on Chaturbate. Same user name, pantsdownedging. Love having playtime with my beautiful dick.
Jack Something @Hungginger93
26 August, 11:08
Love torturing myself by edging my bwc
Jack Something @Hungginger93
24 August, 11:58
Got too fucked up and doesn't the last three hours torturing myself edging🥵 just make me even more horny 🤣 so now it's sloppy stroking with strangers watching
Pants Down @Pantsdownedging
14 August, 03:07 (E)
A different angle and with the cock rings off. I really enjoy playing with my dick when it’s little. Been edging for a little over 4 hours now getting close to cumming and then letting my dick go soft. It is such naughty fun to spend hours masturbating. I love my dick & I love to play with it.
Pants Down @Pantsdownedging
13 August, 08:49
Masturbating is a beautiful way to enjoy a lazy day. It feels so naughty & sexy to pull down my pants and play with my beautiful dick. Then lay around naked teasing my dick & balls. Varying in technic from soft and gentle to firm & rough. Edging & prolonging the pleasure of the penis.
Pants Down @Pantsdownedging
25 June, 09:35
Watch for me on Chaturbate. Now have a broadcast feature so you can watch me masturbate live in real time. User: pantsdownedging.
Pants Down @Pantsdownedging
21 June, 11:01 (E)
And let it go soft again😊 I’ve been edging for about 3 hours now. It’s been awhile since I had this kind of time to devote to my dick. Getting lots of pre-cum. It tastes really really good. Even my soft dick is getting close to cumming. Going to back off a bit longer. It’s going to feel so good when
Pants Down @Pantsdownedging
21 June, 09:04
When I get really close to cumming I like to totally back off and even let my dick go completely soft. It makes the whole experience last longer. When I have the time I like to masturbate for 4 hours or more. Stroking, teasing, edging my dick.
Dav Pal @Lukinfuragoodtyme
20 April, 02:32 (E)
I recently discovered the wonder of the glans & frenulum of the head of my cock. my wife can now bring me to my knees & make me squirm in ultimate edging ecstasy with 3 measly fingertips. I prefer watching a perfect pair of lips tease me until they resemble a glazed donut. What do you ladies prefer?
Bimbo Gooner @Bimbogooner
04 April, 01:55
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28 March, 02:54
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24 March, 02:28
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21 March, 02:21 (E)
Jerking my young cock right now…DM me and let’s play together right now! #masturbation #thickcock #goon #jerkoff #edging #gooner #cock #bigcock
SophiaSinclair JasperSpice @SinSpice
14 March, 10:09
New shower edging clip is out now!

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