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30 March, 01:22
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rashiq @rashiq
29 March, 07:51
Which is better school or Montessori schools in Bangalore?

Montessori schools in Bangalore provide a nurturing and child-centered environment.
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azeva @azeva
23 March, 12:52
Happy Thursday!
SophiaSinclair JasperSpice @SinSpice
22 March, 06:11
The time has finally come for us to part ways with ManyVids. An unstable platform with unhinged, biased moderators. Vote in the Twitter poll to have a say in what happens next -
rashiq @rashiq
21 March, 09:34
What is strengthening quality education in Bangalore Montessori schools?
Bangalore Montessori schools offers one of the best education systems comparing to other schools.
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20 March, 06:18
New boy/girl taboo clip releasing tomorrow! Sophia
will have an exclusive store item for her MV from the video. That item will post tonight. Be sure to check out the re-release of "uchatspice" on my loyalfans. Happy first day of Spring! -Jasper -
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20 March, 12:41
Happy Monday!
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18 March, 08:15
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TSA told a shy woman to go into the changing room, take off every piece of clothing, and come back wrapped up in in a towel. Imagine her embarrassment when the male TSA agent told her to open the towel for the full body inspection. Watch the video to see the towel open.
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14 March, 08:03
Importance of Montessori Education

Preschool education is critical to a child's entire development and future success.
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