Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
16 October, 07:15
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
06 October, 05:56
Perths got me feeling naughty.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
05 October, 04:37
They say blondes have more fun...
Wanna help me test that theory?
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
28 July, 06:35
Ahhhh missing halloween season!
I'm ready to cause some chaos.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
26 July, 10:17
I miss summerhouse much, can't wait to be naked in a pool again.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
23 July, 09:11
Last night tonight. Wanna meet me, chat, text, photos videos. All cheaper prices tonight only.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
19 July, 04:40
Hello my lovelies,
I need to ask a massive favour. If you have enjoyed anything i have posted or my page,
PLEASE follow my new instagram page lana.divine.
Because fuck meta for deleting my old one and I need the love.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
16 July, 11:37
Hey lovers,

Guess what I do in the bath...
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
10 July, 08:19
New videos and photo up on my @
Cum play with me, you won't be disappointed.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
24 May, 11:53
I have been a bad girl, Join my high school fantasy.

Some of the more X-rated Pics of my school girl afternoon.
More up on my only fans with a vid to come.
Hope you guys like them as much i i did taking them.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
27 February, 07:44
OMG miss me?! I know I have been gone a minute. Moved house, so I have been a wreck but we are back and i hope you like my back y'all. Come check me out on unsta got new pics done and will be dropping there soon. Xoxo
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
25 January, 01:35
One good thing about winter is footy season. Hang out till then. At least I have a A league.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
23 January, 02:16
Wanna touch me?

Find me on scarlet blue.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
22 January, 05:38
Cont - sit on your lap, how they tickle up your arms as I tease you.

I think about them digging in your pecks when I ride you and scratching down your back as you move over me, filling me up. How they play on your chest as you hold me afterwards.
I love my long nails. And I know you do too
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
22 January, 05:37
I got my nails done.

Guys guys guys, I am so happy i got my nails done. They are long with cute little daisies painted on them and they are sharp.
People always ask me why I get them and if they get in the way but what I think about when I get my nails is how they run through your hair when I s
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
20 January, 04:57
One great perk of being an escort is the beautiful rooms and wonderful beds I get to play in.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
19 January, 12:41
I did a impact play video over on my onlyfans and here are the after photos.

If you are interested in seeing me turn myself red head on over there @
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
18 January, 07:44
Finally get to post all the pics insta won't let me!!!
How you beautiful people doing today?
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
15 January, 06:01
Yay!!! I can post nipple pics again.

Hello Xpurity community. So fucken happy to be here. I'm a escort, OF creator and just a big ol' slut.

Cant wait to see you all and for you to see all of me.

Bye lovers Xoxo Lana