Dee Noway @Balltongue74
29 December, 11:16 (E)
Can anyone on here guess how I came up with my user name or tell me what I'm referring to?
It's actually just a song from 1 of my favorite bands * Ƙorn *
It just sounds kinky and I like kinky πŸ˜œπŸ™ƒ
Dee Noway @Balltongue74
21 December, 09:51
Can't believe I made this account and then forgot about it. How's everyone today?? Me? Lonely and really needing a man's attention. Looks like I'll be satisfying my needs solo
Dee Noway @Balltongue74
09 July, 10:27
Hello everyone, this is 100% very brand new and foreign to me. Can anyone give me any tips, advise, precautions ect...??