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Isn't the acronym an indication of it's representing a plurality of acts/desires, and as such itself a grouping of related "kinks" or subcategories. I can see industry-wise lumping those components B.D.S.M. as A category, with a range of kinks under it's umbrella.
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Taboo is what lies outside our accepted individual norms that we would not personally engage in by taste alone, or maybe at all. Fetishism of a type of sexual behavior, desire or scenario is not limited to scale of category, as such both could bdsm be a fetish, and a fetish fall within bdsm's thrall
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I think it could be included in fetishism of a sort. Depends on the person engaging. There's whatever we individually think is "normal" sexual desire and action, and there's whatever we find "taboo". Between those two, kink is the behavior outside of your "normal" that you'd like to engage in.
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TGIF Happy Friday Yโ€™all ๐Ÿ’–
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