Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
09 December, 08:05
" Your ass /arse and my face are bonding beautifully "
I almost feel like your ass is talking to me .
" Hello , how's everything looking from where you are ?
At the moment I am riding high "
My reply " Your ass smells better than roses "
Aja Wilde @AjaWildeXXX
08 December, 09:20
Goodmorning! Have not posted here in a while. I hope everyone has a good day today.
madona cathelin @Madonacathelin
08 December, 07:24 (E)
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Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
07 December, 04:54
Hello Followers ,
The Comedy Mistress project has been shelved .
Instead the Dusty dreams audio show will be launched very soon at :
It's not full strength adults only but instead offers insights , humour, entertainment from the Goldfields Australia.Its ballsy
Reshma sharma @reshma69
07 December, 03:19
Reshma sharma @reshma69
06 December, 07:49
Reshma sharma @reshma69
06 December, 07:45
SophiaSinclair JasperSpice @SinSpice
06 December, 01:17
New mommy butt crack clip is out now! https://www.sextpanther.co...
SophiaSinclair JasperSpice @SinSpice
05 December, 09:41
Sexting has been busy AF this month. Sophia and I have literally had no time to film. Luckily, she has one solo I have yet to release; so, there will be a new clip today! -J

Akara Ravenlock @thatbratAkara
05 December, 08:43
I can't wait to do more private gaming sessions.
Kylie Haze @kyliehaze
02 December, 05:01
My hours are typically Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm Weekends 11am-9pm anything after requires advanced notice to accommodate. $50 booking fee is required
Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
02 December, 03:39
Comedy Mistress is performing a live gig .
She pauses briefly ,
" I'd just like to mention my wonderful sponsor "
She then removes her #panties and holds them up high.
" Yes my #dirtypanties are for sale
only $69 "
Rob Explorebi @Explorebi
01 December, 10:39
I'd like to get some stuff uploaded, but most importantly, I'd like to find a guy, girl, or couple to make some fun pics and videos. I love to suck, lick, frot, cuddle, chat, and pretty much everything with guys and girls.
DDC Laboratories India @dnacenterindia
01 December, 10:32 (E)
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Dusty Dreams @dusty44dreams
01 December, 08:14
We noticed " Tanya's Dirty Panties " for sale on the internet .
She claims to have squirted , peed , and cum in them , giving them far " more Tangy- ness " than her competition .
#dirtypanties , #pantiesforsale , #usedpantiies

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