azeva @azeva
27 January, 02:09
I love a good shower to start the day.
SophiaSinclair JasperSpice @SinSpice
25 January, 06:12
Update: Effective today, FapHouse is now banning teasers so we will ONLY be uploading full length clips. Additionally, ExtraLunchMoney will no longer receive uploads due to the high amounts of spam.

Thanks for your continued love and support
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
22 January, 05:38
Cont - sit on your lap, how they tickle up your arms as I tease you.

I think about them digging in your pecks when I ride you and scratching down your back as you move over me, filling me up. How they play on your chest as you hold me afterwards.
I love my long nails. And I know you do too
jannifer wingson @janniferwingson
17 January, 09:39
Child Daycare

We have developed a happy, safe environment that makes learning fun and builds confidence, instilling a love of learning in each child. Social, emotional, and intellectual.

Backdoor Babe @BackdoorBabe01
16 January, 08:17
Full disclosure, I'm a real slut because I love to suck and swallow. But I also love a sticky load of cum on my face and boobs.
I'm a fan of anal and lately have really gotten into MMF 3 some... Well, more like they're gotten into me 😊.
Backdoor Babe @BackdoorBabe01
15 January, 05:31
I'm always horny and loved being used for sex.
Lana Divine @Divine_Lana
15 January, 06:01
Yay!!! I can post nipple pics again.

Hello Xpurity community. So fucken happy to be here. I'm a escort, OF creator and just a big ol' slut.

Cant wait to see you all and for you to see all of me.

Bye lovers Xoxo Lana
WolfandLilly @WolfandLilly
07 January, 04:20
Moments before Lilly gets some dick! What a lovely ass.

#ass #milf #pawg #cum #nsfw #sex #thickthighs #makethedickrise #feet #legs
Fufa Big @Fufabig
21 December, 07:58 (E)
Spreading the love at night #wife #chimese#milf#asian#nipple#pussy
Submissive HousewifeC @subhousewifec
20 December, 01:21
I love to submit to dominant man 😈 #submissive #fetish
Submissive HousewifeC @subhousewifec
20 December, 01:19 (E)
Love to roleplay with my dom and my fans #roleplay
NavGshaN - the Uncaged lusty Soul! @NavGshaN
11 December, 09:39
#familyaffair #taboolust #dirtyaunty

My aunt couldn't take it, as I was about to return to school after the summer vacation.
Thanks to my uncle who went abroad for a business trip.
She made that night the most great & precious one by showing her uncontrollable love.
NavGshaN - the Uncaged lusty Soul! @NavGshaN
11 December, 09:21
#SpiritualAwakening ! 👼🏻

The moment when the 'Love of Lust' feeling gets a rebirth as the 'Lust of Love' feel.
Right where mates become their own soulmates !
Right where they both realize the truth why actually they fell in love with each other !
Akara Ravenlock @thatbratAkara
04 December, 05:39
I love doing custom pics and videos
Rob Explorebi @Explorebi
01 December, 10:39
I'd like to get some stuff uploaded, but most importantly, I'd like to find a guy, girl, or couple to make some fun pics and videos. I love to suck, lick, frot, cuddle, chat, and pretty much everything with guys and girls.

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