Matt Logan @Matt_Logan
04 December, 04:10
KittyPuRRide and I will be taking appointments this afternoon.
12pm start time

Text 604 367 9206 for rates and Details

SWers_list #escort #male #female #bisexual
Adult Services @Adult_Services_List
03 December, 05:10
The quickest way to succeed is to start now and figure it out as you go.

You can’t learn to drive in a parked car

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Adult Services @Adult_Services_List
03 December, 04:54
V5.6 is now up (finally) and we'll keep on developing till we perfect it.

3yrs ago it started as an "upmarket booking site" by an ex companion, but has undergone many changes and additions since then.

PI for a persona - wtf?
Charging SW's - wtf?

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Adult Services @Adult_Services_List
03 December, 11:26
Did you know...

All SW friendly professionals (doctors, lawyers, designers, assistants, nail techs, hairdressers, photographers, videographers, massage therapists, tattoo artists, orgs etc) are welcome to list their services free on our site.

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Tina Daum @Eloquintart
02 December, 01:33
Anyone on here interested in a website where you create custom spicy art with a monthly contest of cash prizes?
Nancy J. Rosin @Nancy321
29 November, 04:17
🌟 Hello Xpurity Community! 🌟

Hey everyone!

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Xpurity community! πŸŽ‰ My name is Nancy J. Rosin, and I'm excited to embark on this journey of positivity, connection, and authenticity with all of you.

Here's to a fantastic journey together!
Nancy J. Rosin
Adult Services @Adult_Services_List
26 November, 11:31
Why can't I get tips and followers on my webcam?
How to get banned from OF?
We tackle these questions and more relating to setting up a nsfw webcam business.
Web Wise Blactino Entertainment Company @Webwiseblacgaiguy
26 November, 09:42 (E)
We don't know much about Bitcoins, but from the words on the street they are worth looking into...we have ONE (1) follower that is way hip on this, plz ask him or her some questions prior to investing to see if its right for U and NO this is NOT any type or form of ENDORSEMENT ON OUR PART, ET AL.
Adult Services @Adult_Services_List
26 November, 02:26
We all know Paypal & the banks hate #SW

How do you add crypto payments to your private wordpress site & phone using Coinbase?

Here's a simple basic tutorial on getting started

Load the app on your phone and connect it to your Coinbase account.
How To Accept Bitcoin Payments with WooCommerce and Coinbase (100% FREE) - YouTube

Learn how to accept bitcoin for free on your woocommerce store. I use a free plugin and also a free crypto website called coinbase. You can sign up with coin...

Web Wise Blactino Entertainment Company @Webwiseblacgaiguy
25 November, 04:52
Call us crazy but sometimes a party sound just a little bit more human when he or she or trans POST something & this is one of the BEST Adult Sites we have been to & we have been 2 a lot the other BEST Adult site is Telegram we use them & love them those on this site sound stable & sound.
Lisa Wilson @LisaWilson12
25 November, 02:31

In the heart of Saint John's winter enchantment, amidst snow-kissed landscapes and vibrant festivities, lies a haven of affordable stays. From Saint John Bed and Breakfast' cozy comforts to Snowfall Lodge's tranquil embrace and Winter Haven Bed and Breakfast's charming
Web Wise Blactino Entertainment Company @Webwiseblacgaiguy
25 November, 04:39
πŸ‘"F" it this site is a candy store for ADULTS and honestly I love it, the only drawback is the Macho Male BULLSHIT from str8 guys, that part is a pure turn off other than that the SITE is great.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Web Wise Blactino Entertainment Company @Webwiseblacgaiguy
25 November, 12:49
Who pays more Gay Porn or Str8 Porn? Hate to say it, but the winner πŸ† is GAY Porn, for example a Str8 BJ something like πŸ‘πŸΎ a mere $USD 175.00 a job, while in the Gay Porn World the start pay is $USD 500.00 at least with us it is can’t speak on others…and we TEST EVERYONE COMING & GOING.
Adult Services @Adult_Services_List
24 November, 05:21
Olivia Allen DSM 🎁 November Bday Month
Des Moines, USA

Apart from "Life is short" What other lines do you say before making bad decisions?
Want to make bad decisions together?

soulsmesh8 @soulsmesh8
23 November, 12:01 (E)
A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.
To know more visit our website :

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