Tina Daum @Eloquintart
02 December, 01:33
Anyone on here interested in a website where you create custom spicy art with a monthly contest of cash prizes?
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
01 December, 04:40
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
01 December, 04:39
It doesnt allow me to upload videos
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
01 December, 04:38
Why cant I post on here a lot of times?
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
29 November, 04:12
I have had quite an ordeal trying to get this website up and running.
I'm waiting on a photo editor now.
A few more weeks.
My website is live but just not complete.
If you would like to check it out you can.
And I do have the Amethyst membership plan that is free.
You can join for free and loo
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
28 November, 07:30
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
28 November, 07:16
The orgasm
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
28 October, 10:43
I like this one!!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
27 October, 11:12
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
26 October, 10:03
Bedroom foreplay!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
25 October, 10:25
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
24 October, 11:42
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
16 October, 10:33
They are not giving me admin access even though I have requested it.
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
16 October, 10:27
Sorry for the delay. I am having to take legal action against the website developers for breach of contract.
They just dumped my website unfinished and left things on the front page I told them to take off numerous times. And made the website live!
But its disabled. I cant go in and fix it.
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
29 September, 03:12
To everyone who's curious.
My website has not launched yet.
It shouldn't be much longer though.
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
29 September, 01:46 (E)

Here is the file I am going to add to my homepage.
It's audio.
What do you think?
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
28 September, 11:29 (E)
I gonna give it to you hard baby!!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
27 September, 01:23
Remove the background and replace it with one of my dynamic ones! and add 3D images!
Frames and overlays to bring it to life and make it your own.
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
27 September, 01:07
I have decided to integrate pixelsquid with photoshop on my website for the photo editing!
3D images and so much more!
To make dynamic erotic art!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
26 September, 06:02
I just wanted to announce. That I have decided on Garnet as a Free membership and Diamond Free for 14 days trial.
And a contribution of 5 approved photos or gifs, gets that month for Free!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
19 September, 09:51
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
19 September, 08:32
Some eye candy for the men!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
19 September, 08:31
Some eye candy for the lady's!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
08 September, 10:43 (E)
A titillataing massage! Lol
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
08 September, 10:42
Yes, kiss me like that baby!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
07 September, 11:24
This is how it works! But you will get a FREE 2 week diamond membership to check the site out!
The more members the higher the cash prize! It will be Limitless! The cash winnings could run into thousands of dollars.
It's up to you!
The more you promote and bring on members
The higher the winning
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
07 September, 11:15
I will be available for chat in the evenings for a couple hours.
For, questions. Concerns or general feedback.
I will always be improving the website from getting feedback and suggestions from members.
This is going to be a very new and exciting website! I can't wait for you all to experience it!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
07 September, 11:10
Cum, build your own fantasy! Create, make a profile, build a public gallery of your own creations, build a private gallery collection.
Upload a personal photo to either share or not.
Chat with others, view other members beautiful art gallery. Get ideas, enter the contest to win cash by members vot
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
06 September, 07:13 (E)
Another custom made background.
Could be a beautiful nature scene!
Tina Daum @Eloquintart
06 September, 10:58
These are just a few of my romantic background settings I will have on my site!